Angela Hermes, RDN, LD, CLT

Client Testimonials

Don’t let people tell you  feel crappy is normal, being old doesn’t mean we have to suffer or feel old. Prior to my cancer diagnosis, I thought eating “HEALTHY” foods and doing well.  Big Mistake chemotherapy ended 2000.
        By 2008, my hair thinned, I gained weight and the only way to stop it was to practically not eat.  Joint pain/arthritis intensified, headaches, sinusitis, constipation, tiredness, skin eruptions and dry skin getting worst.  I tried to eat and exercise but no results. Nothing worked.  I can’t exercise or walk up and down the stairs without feeling like I would slide off my knees.  I ate ‘healthy’ foods, but  discovered after working with my dietitian those foods were making me sick.  My dietitian, Angela Hermes, RDN, LD, CLT, who specializes in AutoImmune Conditions, of Beaverton helped me move through the litany of things I never even considered were making me ill, the result was astounding.   In 2 weeks my pain disappeared!  My skin eruptions subsided, wasn’t as tired, constipated, and didn’t wake up with headaches.
        Food is medicine, but how does one know which food is the right one for us? The MRT/Leap tests food to our blood then translates which foods are good/bad. I know there are other ways of getting the right info, but it’s slow and tedious.  I don’t want to take the time to test out each item, this was and is the quickest and most accurate way to gather the correct data and feel better almost immediately. 
I give Angela 100 stars if there were such a thing.  Thank you Angela.

Portland, Oregon
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